International Business Accelerator

Grow your small business globally

The International Business Accelerator is a structured pathway into international markets for smaller companies looking for a global footprint. We work with you to:
  • Sketch out a ‘global vision’ and identify the milestones to achieve it.
  • Create a powerful plan for international expansion.
  • Choose the right international market for your company.
  • Understand what your international clients want, so you can serve them better.
  • Tailor your marketing for overseas market, so you can get your message across.
  • Get control of the numbers in your business, so you have the cash to scale internationally.
  • Understand the culture of the countries you want to expand to, so you can work there effectively.
  • Build a budget for going global, so you know how much you’ll need to spend.
  • Identify what funding you need to grow your business overseas and how to get it.
  • Connect with our trusted international network of experts in fields as diverse as legal services, accounting, banking, FX, structuring, finance, translation, SEO and grants.

You get access to:

Group Training
& Coaching

World class training on how to take your company global.

Financial Insights

A monthly Financial Finetune, where we deep dive into the numbers in your business and show you which levers you can pull to maximise cash.


Access to the GoGlobal Mastermind - our community of visionary business owners who are going global and tackling the same challenges as you.


Our global network. Whatever you need in the international space, we will connect you with the right people.

Client Perks

Complimentary tickets to all our in-person and virtual masterclasses.

Knowledge On-Demand

Access to the GoGlobal Academy portal, where you can access our library of international business training materials.

We believe that there has never been a better time for companies of all sizes to “Go Global"

…but we also know that it’s not as easy as it looks


Success stories from real people


Gordon Irons / Enretech

Jason Malouin / Superpower Portraits

Anthony Harris / Forcite Helmet Systems

Georgie Yates / Aje

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